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The final Advisory Board Meeting of the Future Learning Initiative

October 27, 2023 The Future Learning Initiative (FLI) Advisory Board Meeting was a a big success. FLI project members provided brief reports and presentations of the various FLI projects, each presented in a 15 min. talk. Keynote speaker Prof. Martha W. Alibali, Prof. of Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Madison, talked about how learners discern mathematical structure […]

Article in «Edsurge (online) | February 16, 2023

Since the pandemic, more instructors at schools and colleges appear to have embraced “flipped learning,” the approach of asking students to watch lecture videos before class so that class time can be used for active learning. Proponents say the model improves student outcomes by encouraging more interaction among students and professors, and many studies have […]

Article in «Tagesanzeiger» | September 15, 2022

Even first graders are afraid of math. It doesn’t have to be that way. Prof. Manu Kapur explains why failure can be seen as an opportunity. Find out more about the article on «Why Math doesn’t necessarily need to be a frightening subject » (Article in German and readable with “Tagesanzeiger” subscription only)