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What is a failure? Why have we always looked down on failures and feared them? Is it actually true that failures beget failures? Can we turn failures into a designed learning mechanism to change perspective, and ultimately become more productive…

Opinion editorial in Swiss newspaper «Neue Zürcher Zeitung»

As a scientist who examines the science of learning in the context of technological advances, I am frequently asked the following: How will technology change the way we live and work? How do we prepare our students for such a future? What role…

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In the ETH Pod­cast, Rec­tor Sarah Spring­man and Pro­fes­sor Manu Ka­pur are go­ing to talk about how they seek for tal­ented peo­ple and how tal­ents, learn­ing skills, and knowl­edge can merge.   Cur­rent Episode: How…

Prof. Manu Kapur will be speaking at TEDx Lugano | Sep 28, 2019

Prof. Kapur will present the latest findings in cognitive research and what it means for people that want to think deeper, change perspectives and ultimately become more productive in how they learn (or teach). Lessons from this approach will…

Article in Times Higher Education | July 15, 2019

Prof. Manu Kapur discusses how universities can craft human-​centred learning that sets them apart in today’s world. THE World Reputation Rankings 2019: nail it in the digital age

Article in Scientific American | April 2019

Research reveals strategies for staying motivated in the face of challenges: Emmanuel Manalo, a professor of educational psychology at Kyoto University in Japan and Manu Kapur, a professor of learning sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute…

Portrait of Prof. Manu Kapur in «Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich», 2/2019

Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich 2/2019 - PORTRAIT ÜBER PROF. MANU KAPUR IN DER RUBRIK «PERSÖNLICH» - «Wenn scheitern Schüler weiterbringt» (in German only) - Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich

Column of Prof. Manu Kapur in GLOBE 4/2018 of ETH Zurich

WHY WE FAIL TO GROW. In the wisdom of generations, what you want to learn – your ambition – must exceed your current abilities, your talent.

Article in Psychoscope 5/2018

Journal of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP PsychoScope Article of Manu Kapur (only in German)    

Column of Prof. Manu Kapur in GLOBE 3/2018 of ETH Zurich

WHY WE FAIL TO SEE. The implication for teaching is clear. Here the primary task is not conveying knowledge but preparing the novice to see what you want them to see. Showing what you want them to see in an engaging and clear way is important…

Interview in Swiss newspaper «Tages-Anzeiger»

Meeting Manu Kapur, learning scientist at ETH Zurich: The professor who teaches failure (in German only) - «Tages-Anzeiger» article