Interview with Andrew Horsfield | October 2023

Prof. Kapur was interviewed on Andrew Horsfield's podcast "The Messy Middle". Episode #47 - Productive Failure

Talk at TEDxHSG, University of St. Gallen | September 16, 2023

Prof. Kapur talked about failure as a means of learning at TEDxHSG: Ideas for Exploring the Future of Learning.

Article in «THE Times Higher Education» | October 25, 2022

Professor Kapur and co-​authors John Hattie, Irina Grossman and Tanmay Sinha recognise that flipped learning is “here to stay” but call for administrators and professors to pay more attention to course design, rather than mode of teaching. Flipped…

Article in «EduTopia» | September 16, 2022

Interview with Prof. Kapur on reframing our notion of failure, and letting kids stumble with purpose. Find out more about the article on «If You’re Not Failing, You’re Not Learning»  

Article in «Tagesanzeiger» | September 15, 2022

Even first graders are afraid of math. It doesn't have to be that way. Prof. Manu Kapur explains why failure can be seen as an opportunity. Find out more about the article on «Why Math doesn't necessarily need to be a frightening subject…

Article in «The New York Times» | April 5, 2022

Several common educational strategies lean into the idea that, in the classroom, challenge is something to embrace. Learning the Right Way to Struggle

NPR Episode: How to learn new things! 

Prof. Manu Kapur talks about the role of Productive Failure in NPR's episode on how to learn new things! | Find out more about the article on "Learning a new skill can be hard"!
Image (ETH Zürich / Alessandro Della Bella)

Various Articles on "Those who fail productively are all the wiser" | September 2021

"Practicing before learning theory is almost twice as efficient as being taught by an excellent teacher for a year" says Prof. Manu Kapur. He conducted a comprehensive meta-analysis along with Dr. Tanmay Sinha, in which they included 53 previously…

Watch the full talk of Prof. Manu Kapur at TEDx Lugano!

What is a failure? Why have we always looked down on failures and feared them? Is it actually true that failures beget failures? Can we turn failures into a designed learning mechanism to change perspective, and ultimately become more productive…

Portrait of Prof. Manu Kapur in «Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich», 2/2019

Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich 2/2019 - PORTRAIT ÜBER PROF. MANU KAPUR IN DER RUBRIK «PERSÖNLICH» - «Wenn scheitern Schüler weiterbringt» (in German only) - Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich