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What is a failure? Why have we always looked down on failures and feared them? Is it actually true that failures beget failures? Can we turn failures into a designed learning mechanism to change perspective, and ultimately become more productive…

Portrait of Prof. Manu Kapur in the School Journal of the Canton of Zurich, 2/2019

Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich 2/2019 - PORTRAIT ÜBER PROF. MANU KAPUR IN DER RUBRIK «PERSÖNLICH» - «Wenn scheitern Schüler weiterbringt» (only in German) - Schulblatt des Kantons Zürich mit Bild

Column of Prof. Manu Kapur in GLOBE 4/2018 of ETH Zurich

WHY WE FAIL TO GROW. In the wisdom of generations, what you want to learn – your ambition – must exceed your current abilities, your talent.

Article in Psychoscope 5/2018

Journal of the Federation of Swiss Psychologists FSP PsychoScope Article of Manu Kapur (only in German)    

Column of Prof. Manu Kapur in GLOBE 3/2018 of ETH Zurich

WHY WE FAIL TO SEE. The implication for teaching is clear. Here the primary task is not conveying knowledge but preparing the novice to see what you want them to see. Showing what you want them to see in an engaging and clear way is important…

Interview in the Swiss newspaper «Tages Anzeiger»

Meeting Manu Kapur, learning scientist at ETH Zurich: The professor who teaches failure (only in German) TA-Manu_Kapur.23.6.2018  

Column of Prof. Manu Kapur in GLOBE 2/2018 of ETH Zurich

WHY WE FAIL TO TRANSFER. Although students learn substantial amounts of formal knowledge in their subject area, they find it difficult or are often unable to apply this knowledge in real-life situations. Why does this happen?   …

Column of Prof. Manu Kapur in GLOBE 1/2018 of ETH Zurich

ON THE OTHER SIDE OF FAILURE. Good things happen on the other side of failure. It is failure that creates what I call the 4A conditions for deep learning: Activation, Awareness, Affect, and Assembly. When designed well, failure activates the…

Interview in the Swiss newspaper «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» NZZ

I am very skeptical about what the Pisa studies measure. The focus should be on training people to be critically thinking, inventive, mentally highly flexible and socially competent, while giving them the basic knowledge and skills of course. NZZ…

Interview (2) with Prof. Manu Kapur in BOLD - Blog on Learning and Development

Manu Kapur developed the concept of “Productive Failure”. In the second part of our interview he talks about tacit and explicit knowledge, and points out that technology will eventually be the primary means of conveying the latter, but not…