Interview (1) with Prof. Manu Kapur in BOLD - Blog on Learning and Development

Manu Kapur explains his concept of “Productive Failure”. In the first part of the interview, he also discusses why teaching should be guided by the latest research on human cognition and learning.

Prepare students 'to fail' so they can learn, report suggests

Manu's work on Productive Failure spotlighted in an article, published in The Times Higher Education (1st December 2016).

Innovating Pedagogy 2016

The Innovating Pedagogy 2016 report features Manu's research on Productive Failure as one of ten innovations that can potentially transform education. Click here to find out more.

El poder del Fracaso

Productive Failure was featured in the El Mercurio newspaper of Chile, published on 27th August 2016.

How to keep going when you feel like a failure

See how Productive Failure has kept us going from this article published at on 23, February 2016.

How Productive Failure Leads to Better Learning

This article published on 18, February 2016 at lifehacker tells us how Productive Failure has impacted our learning.

Intel IQ magazine looks at Productive Failure for its Maker initiatives

Intel IQ magazine looks at Productive Failure for its Maker initiatives. Check this out in the article ""Making” Is Setting You Up For Failure (And That’s A Good Thing)" published on August 6, 2015 from this link. The article was published…

Failure can be productive for teaching children maths

Dr Kapur’s article “Failure can be productive for teaching children maths” has been published on The Conversation on February 19, 2014.

The Straits Times coverage on Productive Failure

Take a look at this Straits Times story on Productive Failure: “Young kids learn better through play? So do teens: Study“, published on June 28, 2013.

Productive failure was featured in a blog on why confusion can be a good thing

Take a look at this story on Productive Failure: “Why Confusion can be a good thing”, published on February 18, 2013.